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Bridalwear Inspired by Femininity and Art

How it all started

Sara Hirsh founded the brand in 2015 with one main idea and goal in mind – to balance tradition and defiance.

Her constant aim is to honor the archetypical event, but also to transform traditional costume, into something that feels authentic and new; an uninterrupted elegance, but with a fresh modern twist. Bridalwear that feels eternal, yet contemporary, and a bit wild.

Her work is characterized by a constant quest to connect opposites into a unified form of beauty. She aspires to weave collections that tell stories, to design pieces that are a blend of poetic romance and rebellious punk – for all those girls, who seek and enjoy dualistic beauty, who express themselves freely and strongly, who are not afraid to stand out in quiet elegance, brave enough to be who they chose to be!

Light, beautiful, and bold bridal sets for the modern bride

About Sara

Meet the designer

I’ve always considered myself as part romantic, part punk. I enjoyed learning any craft well, just so I can break the rules. I derived profound satisfaction from redefining norms and indulging in an unrestrained exploration of creativity. I was raised in a multicultural family, which very early on gave me a broad perspective of different worlds – each with its unique aesthetic, values, aims, traditions, and sense of beauty.

Caught in a vibrant mix of the dynamic history of Eastern Europe, the timeless beauty of Western Europe, and the untamed, spicy mystique of the Middle East, I was exposed to an intriguing ‘kaleidoscope’ of realities. This beautiful mess fueled my appreciation for the beauty of duality, the allure of the unexpected.

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I was irresistibly drawn to the paradoxical concept that contradictory realities could harmoniously coexist, an idea that was nothing short of exhilarating.

From an early age, I was captivated by design. Especially in the world of Haute Couture, and even more so, the taste of old French designers. The impeccable craftsmanship, the rich imagination, and the idea of a costume in life – so intricate, so unique, so extremely beautiful, were mesmerizing. I would explore every small detail, every clever idea, that made each gown remarkable and impeccable. I would immerse myself in the world of fashion magazines, finding in their editorial pages an alluring theatrical stage filled with stories, characters, and connections, each carefully wrapped in beautiful, meaningful settings. This ignited my fascination with visual storytelling.

My enchantment with this art form naturally evolved into an intense fascination with cinema. I devoured everything the silver screen had to offer – from timeless classics and French noir to contemporary and indie films. The cinema became my sanctuary. I absorbed every element – the story, the setting, the lighting, the characters, the costumes – relishing the intricate, deliberate interconnectedness. This passion propelled me to pursue a degree in film direction.

While at university, I felt a compelling need to unite my affection for costume and design with my passion for storytelling. That’s when I stumbled upon the captivating realm of bridalwear. It felt right like everything connected – crafting attire for a real-life experience of such momentous love and beauty was a privilege.

I was irresistibly drawn to the paradoxical concept that contradictory realities could harmoniously coexist, an idea that was nothing short of exhilarating.

Sara Hirsh

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