Move with superb light and beauty!


This piece exudes extraordinary lightness and movement. The full bias skirt is masterfully cut & crafted from sheer silk chiffon, finished with a uniquely structured silk satin belt. Paired with an ultra-cropped mini corset, made from silk & lace, embellished with embroideries, flowers and lace appliques. The final touch – hand draped off-shoulder silk sleeves.
poison ivy bridal collection azalea bridal set (4)

Gown Description

  • Top – ultra cropped corset, with inner boning, made from 100% off-white silk and lace, covered with 3D flowers and appliques, and off-shoulder sleeves
  • Skirt lining – straight skirt with a front slit, made from 100% silk satin, in off-white
  • Skirt shell – voluminous bias cut 100% silk chiffon, in off-white
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